21 June 2017

With ghost fishing gear a significant issue of concern for 40% of industry respondents to a recent survey, the launch of a new best practice framework in June at the SeaWeb Summit in Seattle is set to shape the way the seafood industry works to tackle one of the world’s major sources of marine litter.

31 May 2017

Both illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) and ghost gear are considered a threat to food security and sustainable fisheries, but the links between these two issues are poorly understood. 

Take a look at our infographic explaining how the two topics are connected. 

IUU fishing has many negative environmental, economic and social impacts. It is a major contributor to overfishing and impacts on the sustainability of fisheries.

25 May 2017

In northern British Columbia, many derelict crab pots occupy the waters of McIntyre Bay and Hecate Strait. Data from the commercial crab fishery in that region over the past 10 years indicates between 6% and 10% of traps are lost each year. Trap loss is an unfortunate consequence of the crab fishing industry and is generally due to severe weather when traps are moved away from the location of deployment by a combination of heavy winds, currents and large swells, after which the fisher cannot relocate them. 

26 April 2017

The GGGI is joining Circular Ocean in Reykjavik this July for their “Innovation Conference” which will gather Circular Ocean partners with members of the academic, creative and business communities to explore the opportunities around re-purposing waste Fishing Nets & Rope (FNR’s) in the Northern Periphery & Arctic Region.

25 April 2017

The GGGI is proud to report on our latest project led by World Animal Protection, aiming to collaborate with other GGGI participants including Plastix, NOAA, and Trident Seafood.