9 January 2017

This year at SeaWeb in Seattle, the world’s premier conference on seafood sustainability, the GGGI will be launching their Best Practice Framework! We’ll be live at the SeaWeb Lightning Talks and you can meet us face to face at our lunch time side event. During both sessions the GGGI will outline practical management tools for actors within the seafood supply chain to mitigate the risk of ghost gear, increase productivity and contribute towards sustainable seas.

20 March 2017

SeaWeb today announced 16 finalists for the 2017 Seafood Champion Awards who have demonstrated brilliance and tenacity in working across borders, language barriers and industries to change our relationship with the sea. From fish cops in East Africa to the creator of easily replicated 3-D ocean farms, and from a chef who cycled across Canada promoting sustainable seafood to a company whose solar-powered data collector puts small-scale fishing boats on the map, these Champions show an inspiring level of ingenuity and commitment.

23 February 2017

Fathoms Free is a Cornwall-based volunteer community group that focuses on marine conservation and recycling. What started 2.5 years ago as one man inspiring a handful of friends to clean up a barely accessible cove in Cornwall has grown to be a wide spread network of dedicated volunteers engaging in underwater clean-up dives, beach cleans, data collection, recycling and promoting awareness of marine conservation issues. Oh, and release baby lobsters in the sea!

13 February 2017

The UN Ocean Conference (5 to 9 June 2017) seeks to reverse the decline of our ocean and the services which it provides through a collective “Call for Action” as well as the announcement of voluntary commitments during the conference. 

24 January 2017

New exhibit demonstrates the proliferation of marine debris and its impact on wildlife