World Cetacean Alliance to launch Net Effect Campaign

Over the weekend (6th to 8th June) of World Oceans Day (8th June) the World Cetacean Alliance will be launching its Net Effect Campaign with the Net Effect Walks.

The aim: to get people walking along their local beach collecting ghost gear and contributing to World Animal Protections Sea Change map. Participants can either join an event organised by one of the WCA's partners or simply make their own way to their local beach and conduct their own walk.

The Walks will involve walking a stretch of beach and collecting as much ghost gear as possible. The information on which will then be uploaded into the Sea Change map. By getting sponsorship to walk a certain distance or per weight of gear collected participants can also help raise money for the WCA and its partners.

The WCA is the world’s largest partnership working to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans). With 70 partners from 24 countries representing non-profit organisations, whale or dolphin watching operators and individuals, WCA aims to conserve and protect cetaceans and their habitats. Their global programme includes tackling the issue of ghost gear and WCA is proud to be part of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative founded by WCA partner World Animal Protection. In 2015 the WCA launches its Net Effect Campaign which aims to spend a combined 4,000 days at sea searching for, measuring the scale of, and releasing wildlife from ghost gear. It also aims to talk ‘nets’ with 500,000 people on the water and get the public involved with bringing an end to ghost gear.

To launch the campaign, partners from around the world are organising events as part of the Net Effect Walks. Held over the 6th to 8th June partners will be encouraging members of the public to either join them at an event or to get out to their own beach to collect and record ghost gear and help raise valuable funds for the WCA.

Organised events are being held from the USA, to the Azores, the UK to Slovenia; but with sponsorship forms available right now, and the Sea Change hub available online, people can get involved anywhere in between!

To find out more about the WCA and its Net Effect Campaign please visit their website here.

To find out more about the Net Effect Walk and for more information on an event near you please see here.