Annual meeting of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative

World Animal Protection, supported by the Global Partnership on Marine Litter, will host the annual meeting of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) in London on 10-11 September, 2015.

This meeting will mark the official launch of the GGGI. It follows the successful inaugural meeting in November 2014 and a period of consultation with experts across sectors to help us build the GGGI. 


We are inviting expert participants from around the world representing the following sectors:

  • Private sector (e.g. seafood retailers, brands and processors, recycling companies)

  • Fishing industry (e.g. fishing companies and organisations, fishers and port authorities)

  • Research scientists working to understand the causes and impacts of ghost fishing gear

  • National and international institutions (e.g. Governments, UN agencies)

  • Civil society organisations (e.g. non-governmental organisations, academics/researchers, certification schemes) 

Meeting objectives

This meeting will bring together global stakeholders from different sectors to:

  • Review progress we’ve made together over the past 10 months to build the GGGI

  • Showcase inspiring solutions to the ghost gear problem from around the world

  • Finalise the GGGI’s participation system 

  • Establish and agree 2015/2016 work priorities for the 3 GGGI Working Groups

  • Set up the Steering Group

  • Mark the official launch of the GGGI

The meeting agenda can be viewed here. If you're interested in participating please email the GGGI Secretariat at by 14 August, 2015. 

Image credit: Peter Verhoog/Dutch Shark Society