Emerald Sea Protection Society launched

The Emerald Sea Protection Society has launched!

Abandoned, lost and otherwise discarded fishing gear is a serious issue for the Pacific Coast of British Columbia. Over the past few years the region has seen a steady increase in the rate of entanglement of marine animals. In response to this, Bourton Scott, a commercial diver, has founded a new not-for-profit organisation - the Emerald Sea Protection Society (ESPS). 

ESPS is focusing on the research and removal of lost fishing gear in the Pacific Northwest. As a collective of scientists, commercial divers, sailors and educators, their goal is to protect sensitive marine animals and habitats through research and removal initiatives. Using commercial diving methods and rigorous safety protocols, they will study and explore the best techniques to survey and recover lost gear to establish standard operating procedures for this work. This approach will allow them to safely and efficiently work around these challenging dive sites. As they grow their programme and experience they will contribute this work to their global network to assist in the creation of “best practices” for other survey and recovery projects. 

Collaboration is key to ESPS, working with local and international groups to build a network of likeminded individuals and organisations including municipalities and First Nations, they seek to encourage a community approach towards solving the lost gear issue at home and abroad.

Through this work they will create an educational programme and media content to shed light on how the lost gear issue is affecting the British Columbian marine ecosystem and what we can all do to improve the situation. 

Check out their brand new website here