Olive Ridley Project ghost gear removal in Pakistan

GGGI participant, the Olive Ridley Project, removed a staggering 18 bags of ghost fishing gear from a turtle nesting site in Karachi Pakistan this week.

A team of volunteers from the Rehman Goth fishing village, led by a passionate local fisher and ORP Coordinator in Pakistan, cleared all the ghost gear from the beach. The 18 bags have now been sent to a local artist to be made into a sculpture and will no longer pose a danger to the estimated 3,000 green turtles who nest on the beach.

Martin Stelfox, ORP Founder and Director, said: 

This is a great step forward with regards to ghost gear in Pakistan. Now we are working with fishers in the region who have heard what we do and really want to make a change. 

For more information on ORP please visit their website