The Dragnet Challenge - Pulling Ghost Gear from Pier to Pier

On Thursday 28th July 2016 a team of interns (and possibly of staff and other associates) from the World Cetacean Alliance will be embarking on the 'Dragnet Challenge'. 

The idea was conjured up one morning by the WCA staff, whilst wading in the sea, drinking tea and discussing ideas for a fundraising event for their interns to do!

The concept of pulling ghost gear from pier to pier attached to a life-sized whale tail was the best (and maddest!) idea they came up with.

The challenge will involve a team of interns dragging 1.2 tonnes of fishing nets attached to a life size humpback whale tail (made from who knows what!) along the Brighton seafront between the two piers… a distance of 1km!

You can help sponsor the WCA interns. They are aiming to raise £2000 from sponsorship from this event. Any monies raised will be used to fund their 'Net Effect' Global Programme which aims to untangle the problem of ghost nets worldwide. 

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