World Animal Protection and The Animal Museum Launch “Entangled” Exhibit in Los Angeles

New exhibit demonstrates the proliferation of marine debris and its impact on wildlife

The Animal Museum has teamed up with World Animal Protection, the GGGI's current Secretariat, to bring you a dynamic exhibition that plunges you feet first into today’s watery world with 360-degree projections by visual artist Ethan Turpin, sculptures by the Arts District’s own Cynthia Minet, stunning photography by Rachel Ceretto, and other creative individuals. Come see how social entrepreneurs, innovators, and nonprofit staffers are disrupting cultural norms by taking on harmful industry practices and byproducts that entangle, maim and even kill marine animals.

The  “Entangled” exhibition launched at The Animal Museum’s in December and will run until February 17, 2017 at the Museum, located at 421 Colyton Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013. “Entangled” will feature an immersive video environment created by conceptual artist Ethan Turpin that will give visitors the sensation of inhabiting polluted seas. Standing in the depths of this space, people will be confronted with the ramifications of consumer packaging. Artwork and consumer goods made from marine debris will also be on display.

World Animal Protection is working with partners to reduce the suffering caused by ghost gear through its Sea Change campaign. A staggering 640,000 tons of ghost fishing gear is left in our oceans each year, killing hundreds of thousands of seals, sea lions, and whales every year. Millions of turtles, fish, birds and other species are also injured and killed. And ghost gear also causes enormous financial loss for marine industries because of lost revenue and cleanup costs. World Animal Protection’s Sea Change campaign works to reduce the volume of ghost gear, remove it from the world’s oceans, and rescue entangled animals.

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