The Global Ghost Gear Initiative Best Practice Framework for Mitigating the Economic and Ecosystem Impacts of Lost Fishing Gear

This year at SeaWeb in Seattle, the world’s premier conference on seafood sustainability, the GGGI will be launching their Best Practice Framework! We’ll be live at the SeaWeb Lightning Talks and you can meet us face to face at our lunch time side event. During both sessions the GGGI will outline practical management tools for actors within the seafood supply chain to mitigate the risk of ghost gear, increase productivity and contribute towards sustainable seas.

Fishing gear is valuable. Unfortunately, due to factors ranging from poor weather to gear conflict or equipment malfunction it can be lost or abandoned. This lost fishing gear can then go on to cause considerable animal suffering, damage to equipment and vessels, contaminate catches and continue to fish. 

To alleviate the problem of Ghost Gear, the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI), in consultation with the fishing industry and other stakeholders, are launching a best practice framework for the management of fishing gear.

The framework provides a holistic combination of principles for best practise, considered and targeted best management practices and case studies to build awareness and enable practitioners to reduce the incidence of ghost fishing and related impacts worldwide.  To find out more about it find us at the