Project GHOST Gear Loss Manual

GGGI Member Project GHOST has been busy creating a guidance document to help prevent and reduce fishing gear lost while at sea. This "hands-on" manual is meant to be an operational guide for institutions, publice and private bodies, environmental organizations and fishers to find ways to help protect marine ecosystems through proper fishing gear management. It is recognized that fishing gear (either wild harvest gear, or aquaculture) can be lost at sea for a variety of reasons, including conflict with other gear, inclement weather conditions, etc. - this guide is useful for providing ways to mitigate these occurrences.

The manual primarily contains protocols and guidelines developed and implementd within the LIFE-GHOST project, and are particularly applicable to shallow coastal areas with significant biological importance. The gear types contained within the manual are mostly small in size and scale, as most fishing activities in such areas are small scale, using small gear. Still, even small gear types can cause substantial ecological and environmental harm if they get loose.

We are very proud of the important work that Project GHOST and the rest of our GGGI members have been doing around the globe on this important issue! A very big thank you as well to Project GHOST for making these documents available below.

Executive Summary

For further information, please contact Federico Riccato and Riccardo Fiorin at the Laguna Project: or visit the Project GHOST website: