GGGI Participants Fourth Element, Satlink / Bureo and thai union Give Pledges at Our Ocean 2018

GGGI participants Fourth Element, Satlink and Thai Union all gave pledges to protect our marine environment at the Our Ocean Conference 2018. Their specific pledges and footage of their presentations at the plenary are below.

Fourth Element

pledge given by Paul Strike - CEO, Fourth element

  • Building on our commitment in 2017 to eliminate single use plastic from the packaging of all our products and to incorporate more recycled plastic yarns in our product line, Fourth Element pledges to engage Scuba Diving Manufacturers and Brands worldwide to join us in our quest to reduce plastic pollution by making a commitment to reduce their plastic packaging output.  Fourth Element will create a digital platform that will highlight the brands joining the mission and to create a focal point to engage with and encourage all companies in the diving industry to take part and reduce their single use plastic waste.

  • Through this pledge we will make a tangible contribution to the reduction of tens of thousands of tonnes of plastic that is generated by this industry annually and will raise awareness of the role divers can play in beating plastic pollution. By World Oceans Day 2020 we aim to have 60% of the major dive manufacturers participating in our initiative along with the objective of 1000 dive centres signed up to support Mission 2020 and to reduce their single use plastic output.

  • We commit to providing 300 Staff hours promoting and managing this commitment and £5000 value to cover the set up and running costs of the digital platform ad supporting activities, in addition to my continued commitment of sitting on the GGGI steering Group  (approx 75 hours per annum)  

Satlink / Bureo

Pledge given by christina dixon - global campaign manager, world animal protection

  • Satlink, Bureo and World Animal Protection are collaborating as part of Satlink’s Zero Impact campaign to develop a proven approach for managing end of life fishing gear responsibly in Chile and directly enable the GGGI to meet its ambition of scaling and replicating successful models for ghost gear prevention.

  • The expansion of Bureo’s Net+Positiva program in the region will further enhance the capacity for Chile to systematically prevent abandoned, lost and otherwise discarded fishing gear in their waters and embed a holistic management approach, which provides numerous benefits, both environmentally and socially.

  • Satlink commits to support the Zero Impact in 2018-2019 the goal of collecting and recycling 100 tons of end of life fishing nets by the end of 2019 through Bureo’s Net+Positiva program for sustainable end life of fishing gear in 4 artisanal fishing communities. In addition, this program would be scaled up to other communities, reduce risk of new ghost gear, and in the long run to support community generating funds from net recycling efforts.

Thai Union - CHicken of the sea

pledge given by dr. darian mcbain - global director of sustainability, thai union / chicken of the sea

  • Thai Union announce SeaChange Ignite, a collaboration to advance new sustainability initiatives and improvements throughout the supply chain and accelerate Thai Union’s SeaChange Sustainability Strategy.

  • The combined commitment for all initiatives is $73 million over seven years (2018 – 2025) and will focus on improvements in Southeast Asia and other regions. SeaChange Ignite will support improvements to key enabling conditions necessary for sustainability, including direct economic incentives to producers, improvement projects and engagement throughout the supply chain.

  • Improvements will be verified toward Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch “Good Alternative” and “Best Choice” ratings, providing new opportunities to source sustainable products to the North American market. SeaChange Ignite will engage governments, industry and stakeholders with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Monterey Bay Aquarium through the Southeast Asia Fisheries and Aquaculture Initiative to enhance new, comprehensive approaches for sustainable development. 

Joel Baziuk