O2 and GGGI Seafood Co-Lab Proposal - Voting is Open!

The Seafood Co-Lab is an annual competition where the seafood industry invests in practical and innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. Winners are chosen by the seafood community and receive a $10,000 financial reward as well as logistical and technical support to implement their idea.

Working with the GGGI and on the ground stakeholders in South Korea, GGGI participant Ocean Outcomes submitted the entry “Buoying it the right way: Transitioning 6 million styrofoam buoys to a non-polluting alternative in South Korea's 200,000 ton oyster industry” to the Seafood Co-Lab contest. Out of 40 entries, their entry was chosen as one of the four finalists!

The Seafood Co-Lab winner is selected by popular vote and gets $10,000 and advisor support to begin work. Voting ends March 12, 2018, so we encourage all GGGI participants and supporters to head on down and cast your vote for this amazing project!

You can review final entries and cast your vote here.