Recycling Ghost Gear Guidance Document

The Global Ghost Gear Initiative is excited to announce the completion of our newest guidance document, "Approaches to the Collection and Recycling of End-of-Life Fishing Gear" - the second in a series of guidance documents designed to assist those wishing to participate in ghost gear related projects.

This particular document, written by Christina Dixon of World Animal Protection, contains a general overview of the methodologies used globally to collect and recycle lost, abandoned and discarded fishing gear. It gives an overview of the overall strategy and methodology required for setting up a net recovery / recycling program and outlines several case studies of collection / recycling programs from around the world, including contacts for each project for further information.

The GGGI hopes to put out several of these guidance documents in the near future, and will soon have a dedicated documents section on the GGGI website to house them as they are produced.

You can find the full Approaches to the Collection and Recycling of End-of-Life Fishing Gear here.