GGGI and Home Street Celebrate World Oceans Day

We're extremely excited to announce our newest collaboration between SuperSolid Games and GGGI participants World Animal ProtectionBureo and Plastix Global!

This collaborative effort will see users of the extremely popular mobile game Home Street, developed by SuperSolid Games, get involved and tackle the ghost gear problem on their mobile devices. World Animal Protection Global Campaign Manager Chris Dixon has her very own avatar in the game, and will help players gather lost gear and bring it to Plastix Global, where it can be turned into raw materials to make products through Bureo, such as frisbees, Skateboards and even Jenga Ocean.

For the month of June, 2018, players will learn about ghost gear, its effects on marine life, fish stocks, food security and the global economy. They'll also learn what organizations like GGGI and its participants are doing about the problem worldwide. Huge thanks to GGGI participants World Animal Protection, Bureo and Plastix Global for their support to make this foray into the mobile gaming arena to raise public awareness about ghost gear and demonstrate some of our collaborative solutions!

Home Street is available to download for free from the Google Play and Apple App stores. Download it today and help us celebrate World Oceans Day!