GGGI Ghost Gear Reporter App

The GGGI's Ghost Gear Reporter app is live on the Google Play and Apple App stores worldwide!

Search for "Ghost Gear Reporter" and download the app for free today. We encourage the use of the app in any ghost gear related work, beach clean ups, etc.   It's simple, intuitive and easy to use and all data gets fed into the GGGI global data portal, helping to establish a global baseline of data on ghost gear around the world. Not sure what type of gear you found? No problem! The app allows for as much or as little data as you have to be uploaded, as well as photographs and geo-locations of the gear via your mobile device - remember that any amount of information is better than none at all!

We also encourage fishers to use the app and report when they either lose gear themselves or find previously lost gear while out fishing. We truly believe that working together is the key to solving the issue of ghost gear globally!

Data collected from the app will be used to build evidence of ghost gear around the world and will help to inform ongoing solutions work in the future.