European ALDFG Workshop - Brussels, July 2nd


The Global Ghost Gear Initiative, World Animal Protection, the European Commission and Waste Free Oceans will be hosting a one-day multi-stakeholder workshop in Brussels on Tuesday, July 2nd to address abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear (ALDFG) in the European context. With the recent adoption of the Single-Use Plastics Directive, EU Member States will be responsible for implementing national extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes for end of life plastic fishing gear over the next two years. Gear producers will be responsible for arranging transportation of end-of-life gear from ports and harbors and ensuring appropriate disposal of the gear at the other end. They will also be responsible for organizing awareness campaigns about the schemes.

In addition, the European Commission has been working on other initiatives to minimize gear loss at sea via a revision of the Port Reception Facilities Directive, which will see fees for bringing waste ashore eliminated depending on the volume brought back to shore, and facilitate gear loss reporting.

The workshop on July 2nd will be an opportunity for various stakeholders, including fishing industry (fishers and fishing companies), gear manufacturers and distributors, policy makers, Member States and NGOs to discuss best practice and case studies from around the world, and options for implementing EPR schemes in the European context. The event will include stakeholder presentation and round table discussions to identify opportunities to implement the Directive and highlight the circular economic opportunities associated with end of life gear through various case studies.

The key objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Provide an overview of new measures and update on EU policy initiatives: legislation, data gathering, research and funding/projects;

  • Have an open discussion with fishing gear manufacturers and recyclers who will be impacted by EPR schemes to identify key challenges and opportunities, with specific consideration to gear design and end of life logistics;

  • Identify lessons learned from ongoing efforts around the world, identify possible challenges and discuss how to overcome them;

  • Situate the EU’s efforts in a global context – giving an overview of developments in other countries;

  • Promote the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and our work to develop best practice for the management of fishing gear.

Location: MARE Room J99 00/53, Rue Joseph II 99, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Date: 2nd July, 09:00 - 17:00

Please RSVP to:

Joel Baziuk