Participation Overview

The GGGI participation system is designed to facilitate collaborative action by participants, to increase participants’ individual effectiveness to solve the problem of ghost gear worldwide, and to allow flexibility for what actions each participant takes as part of the greater collective.

The complete paricipation system document can be found here.


Participation Benefits

Membership in the GGGI has many benefits, including allowing you to:

  • Make a global difference by contributing to safer, cleaner oceans;
  • Be recognized as a member of the world’s premier organization set to tackle the world’s most deadly form of marine debris;
  • Leverage the GGGI website and social media presence to promote your work and your brand on a global stage;
  • Gain access to support or participate in solutions projects with wide-ranging corporate social responsibility and public relations benefits;
  • Increase your capacity and reach via opportunities to collaborate / partner with other organizations and experts on specific projects;
  • Have your project reviewed / recommended by our Project Review Board made up of global ghost gear experts and, if approved, leverage this recommendation when applying for external project funding;
  • Gain access to our internal documents board, containing manuals, guidelines and best practices developed by a global team of experts;
  • Participate in one of our global, cross-sectoral working groups;
  • Receive feedback on your work and access advice from a variety of global experts;
  • Gain access to the latest research and developments from numerous organizations and institutions across the globe;
  • Discover potential opportunities to participate in GGGI panel discussions with other experts at various events / conferences around the world;
  • Discover outlets for recycling end of life and recovered gear;
  • Develop innovative projects through collective thinking and impact;
  • Secure opportunities to promote products made of recycled or repurposed fishing gear on a global stage;
  • Be invited to attend the annual GGGI AGM in a new global location each year.


Participation Commitments

As a collective impact initiative, the GGGI can only reach its maximum effectiveness through the active participation of its members. In broad terms, the GGGI and its affiliated members expect member organizations to do the following wherever and however appropriate:

  • Support the GGGI’s mission and specific aims;
  • Participate in and support GGGI activities and events;
  • Promote the GGGI to external stakeholders and encourage participation and new membership;
  • Associate their ghost gear related work with GGGI logo and branding where appropriate;
  • Fill out the GGGI Annual Survey at the end of each year, information from which will be fed into the GGGI Annual Review / Report.

Participation fee scale

As a collective impact organization, the GGGI has numerous different stakeholder participants, including:

  • Private sector
  • NGOs
  • IGOs
  • Governments
  • Academia

The fee structure remains the same for all stakeholder categories and can be found in our participation document.


If you have any questions about the participation system, please contact the Secretariat

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