GGGI PROJECT: Fathoms Free - Gear Removal, Recycling and Data Collection

World Animal Protection photo

World Animal Protection photo

Fathoms Free is a Cornwall-based volunteer community group that focuses on marine conservation and recycling. What started in mid-2104 as one man inspiring a handful of friends to clean up a barely accessible cove in Cornwall has grown to be a wide spread network of dedicated volunteers engaging in underwater clean-up dives, beach cleans, data collection, recycling and promoting awareness of marine conservation issues.

This latest project led by Fathoms Free aims to collaborate with other GGGI participants, including Plastix GlobalKIMO and Cornwall Seal Group to enhance the collective impact of their respective efforts.

Working in collaboration with other GGGI participants helps bridge the gap between Working Groups, ensuring that our Solutions work is intrinsically tied to both the Best Practice and Building Evidence groups and leveraging expertise across the entire spectrum of the GGGI.

GGGI are delighted to endorse this ongoing effort as an official GGGI Solutions Project. The project went through a rigourous approval process; first through the cross-working group Project Review Board, and then onto the GGGI Steering Group for final sign off. The top aims of the project are:

  1. To gather and analyse ghost gear related data in the South West of England;

  2. To remove ghost gear from the marine environment by means of retrieval dives and beach clean ups;

  3. To raise awareness of the negative impact of ghost gear among the local fishing industry, other stakeholders and the public;

  4. To work with partners within the fishing industry and other stakeholders to create a long term sustainable model to prevent ghost gear entering the marine environment and to aid in its removal;

  5. To find innovative and sustainable solutions to recycle the end of life fishing gear, once retrieved.

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